Been to a Vai show? Review it here. Please post in the appropriate thread for each show!
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#1 Post by Moderator7VWH » Wed Sep 21, 2005 12:06 pm

Did you attend this show at Petõfi Csarnok in Budapest, Hungary?

We'd love to read your reviews!

Please post them here...



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#2 Post by Istvan_Takacs » Wed Sep 21, 2005 3:17 pm

Dear Mr. Vai! (and all staff)

I would like to say for you many THANKS!! It was great and unforgettable!

Everybody know that Steve Vai is one of the bigest guitarist on the world and the band is very very very good to, so I dont want to say more word about it.


Very good to see that how you and your friends "make" the music on the stage!! it is not just one concert on the tour! it not just a job!

You give me an extra feeling and enjoy when we see how enjoy YOU and the BAND the concert! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!

We are wait you back!! (next week is OK for you??? :) )

And we wait back the G3 tour!!!!

/// Mr. Vai pls learn to aim better! I need 2cm to left for get your PICK!! :) ///

I wish for you a good tour!

Good bye!

(sorry for my very simple english!)

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#3 Post by hartfolk » Wed Sep 21, 2005 5:21 pm

...the whole show was awesome!!!!!

First: Eric and his band was really dinamic and was full of energy, I really liked it!

Steve and the breed: have no words.....the level the guys play and create music,feelings and emotions is another dimension.....
the acustic part was relly really good idea and laso really liked the old flex-able stuff as well the sex & rel.
All my respect for the guys: Billy, Tony, Dave, Jeremy and of course STEVE!

Thanks for the night!

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#4 Post by zz1982 » Thu Sep 22, 2005 12:43 am

The show was absolutely awesome!

I was a really lucky guy, cause I got an EVO from Mikey. Mikey thanks again for the opportunity (I know it's with 2 p-s :) )
There were only three of us, so the feeling was quite intimate. The Q&A session with Steve lasted an hour, and I've really felt we were special as Steve was answering our questions very sincerely. He spoke about writing music, everyday routine, orchestration and many more. He signed everything we asked him to, and he even let us play EVO!!

The soundcheck was also superb. We had the honour to inspire Steve, while during the soundcheck he signaled his tech to start recording and he played a beautiful piece of music for us.

Well that's for EVO :) I hope I can take part in it again :)

The concert:

It started with the Eric Sardinas band. This guy can really create the right mood! His slideguitar playing is flawless. He handless the instrument with such an ease, that I felt the bluesy me was reborn again. He did some crazy things, he sometimes forgot, that he doesn't have a microphone in front of him :lol:, he played with a beer bottle, and he even set his guitar on fire!!!!

At 9:26 pm Steve and the Breed finally came in! I must say I'm still under the spell of the whole concert. Steve was really focused during the whole show. Highlights were: Building the Church, Audience is listening, Reaper, Whispering a Prayer, the whole acoustic part, Midway Creatures, Billy's bass solo, For the Love of God and My Guitar Wants to Kill Your Mama with Sardinas and Billy!!! on the guitar!!! :) Yes he plays the guitar! And he even had to play a solo on the guitar!! :D

I know I will never forget this concert and the EVO experience. Thank you Steve for making this night really special for me! And of course I have to thank: Billy, Tony, Jeremy, Dave (thanks for the autograph), the whole Eric Sardinas band, and Mikey!

Gyula Prath
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#5 Post by Gyula Prath » Thu Sep 22, 2005 12:53 am

Mr Vai!

I have no words!

It was a pleasuredom. I waited for this to happen for 12 years, since I first listened to Passion n Warfare.

In this country a lot of guitarists know You as a guitar wizard.

But I can tell You, the very important is not that.

That is Your Soul and Ideas. I think a lot of people got closer to understand that during and after your show yesterday.

I have an example: 200 years ago there was a guy named Ludwig. He did gigs in aristocratic saloons of Vienna. A few hundred or thousand people knew him then, and nowadays hundred millions as van Beethoven.

It's not because of his virtuosity, but his immortal soul and talent.

Yesterday was a very important moment in time to spread your ideas! The saloons of today is like that Petőfi Csarnok.

Thank You!


P.S.: What You did in For The Love of God (which is not my favourite Stve Vai song) was breathtaking.

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THnx , you show the Way for me!

#6 Post by Daniel Lugosi » Thu Sep 22, 2005 5:05 am

That was Awesome!!!!! I want to thanks this unquestionable happy in my heart for the Breed, for Steve, for the musiic what i saw yesterdey...
That was amazing, brutal technics, brutal music, brutal brutal :D 8)
But again, like on G3 i was unlucky why i can't get an autogramm or a pick or a stick :( BUT! i got an autogramm from Sardinas, i like that music, but i never saw oe heard that before!!!
I'm just 17 but i know i wanna be a great musican man like Steve or Billy or Sardinas...
So Thank you youre my way to life, and to music !Thank you.
Daniel( i Was in white shirt in the 5. row :D on the left side :D
So i Love you and thanks for lovefeeling... i'm a withoutlove man :(
but your aura was a rebonr for me !! thnx again and again....
daniel (again :D )

Daniel Lugosi
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#7 Post by Daniel Lugosi » Thu Sep 22, 2005 5:08 am

je and heres the autogram :

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#8 Post by cnc74 » Thu Sep 22, 2005 9:18 am

Hey guys. Great reviews. Do any of you have pictures from EVO?

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#9 Post by baracuda » Thu Sep 22, 2005 12:14 pm

Still so much affected by last night's show in Budapest. It is hard to express the feeling, atmosphere of the concert, simply gorgeous. Amazing.
I was also an "EVO guy". Yes, the meeting with Steve is something I'll never forget. So intimate, sincere. And touching the famous EVO was the top of all!!! It was worth it absolutely.

Eric Sardinas got us really in the mood. Great talent and great showman!

Steve and the guys were really there on the concert, mentally as well as with their hearts and we could feel that and thanks for that!!

Steve is another dimension of music and he proved it again yesterday.


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#10 Post by zz1982 » Thu Sep 22, 2005 1:13 pm

As soon as I have some time to upload it I will post a link here with some photos

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#11 Post by big a csiga » Fri Sep 23, 2005 6:13 am

A short review from the third EVO ticket holder:

Well ... I was prepairing for a crowd on the EVO programme, but as you already now, it was only the three of us meeting Steve. On one hand I feel a bit sad, that not all EVO tickets had been sold out, as I know Steve has a massive fan base in Hungary. (Later on it did show, as the concert hall has been packed and the audience gave truly strong replies to those who were on stage.)
So, being in a more face-to-face meeting with Steve was quite an experince. I have no idea about how a sold-out EVO goes, but luckily I did not only have that three seconds of Steve, when you shake hands and look into the others eye. Or try to look, as our man had his usual sunglasses on...
From the beginning of EVO we've been treated like VIPs, as Mikey really looked after us, informed about what's to come, and took care of our positions before others had been let in before the show. Steve immediately greeted us as he arrived to the venue, and when EVO ended and we had to leave the hall for a good half an hour, he stopped rehersing and said goodbye. I did appreciate that, as they had been really late due to some heavy noises in Steve's rig, that they discovered at the beginning of the soundcheck. Just try to imagine: you have a show to start at 8 pm, and around 5:30 pm you are just starting troubleshooting. Would you be able to pay attention to anything else than this problem?
The personal meeting was not a usual one as I think, because we've been put together with press (probably due to the small number of both EVO guests and press representatives). As Mikey predicted, the press meeting ended up in us having a conversation with Steve, rather than press asking the same old questions again. Although there's been one "brilliant" question from one of the press guys: it was about the similarities of playing the guitar and having sex (inspired by an old interview with Jimi Hendrix). You wanted to see Steve's smile!
Our press guy had no idea about the positive consequences that his question was about to bring: Steve asked Mikey to bring EVO in. Yes, I am talking about EVO. When I first met Steve at the promo of Ultra Zone, I've been really touched. I never ever thought that the same thing can happen when I "meet" a guitar. Being a usual visitor at the MusicMesse in Frankfurt, I have had the coolest guitars in my hands, including Steve's signature models of Ibanez as well. But this thing was just different. I took the chance, took one of Steve's picks out from the pick-holder attached to the head, and played a few notes.
Than the conversation went on, and we really had a good time. Steve really paid his attention to us. At some points, I personally have not been able to pay the same attention, due to meeting EVO and seeing myself talking to Steve in a big mirror behind him. It was weird. There was I having conversation with somebody, that I know for such a long time through his music, but never had the chance to talk to. (During our first meeting I only had the chance to get my guitar signed among a hundred others.)
After that, we left the room, and Mikey took us on stage. If you are a guitar freak, that is seventh heaven. Evo, Flo, the new Bad Horsie (named Mojo), a Bad Horsie double neck, a new Jem with Real Illusions:Reflections design on it (gotta get one!), the new Euphoria.
Plus Tony, Billy, Jeremy and Dave hanging around. Well, these guys know their jobs. A question again: if you were for example Tony, would you be able to stay at the back in any band throughout years? Just think about it, it takes a lot to be able to do this. I do respect you guys, and I should have told it to you personally.
Just a short one about the show itself. Firstly, Eric Sardinas. At some points I thought this guy was just about to explode. You could feel the energy flowing out and "Tradition" took you away.
Than came the Breed. Standing at the front has many advantages: you can see every little motion on the stage, plus if you stand in front of Steve, all you hear is his gear. Plus Billy's constant and massive bass. Disadvantage is the lack of Tony's and Dave's sound, plus the silent vocals. [Next time in Hungary, there is a chance to improve that: we have a new concert hall within a place called Muveszetek Palotaja, which has some high-tech acoustic features, such as a variable direction and size canopy above the stage, that reflects sound to desired directions. It would be ideal for an Aching Hunger or Fire Strings performance, that many are waiting for.] Another disadvantage is that there's no chance to get a beer...
During the soundcheck I sat on the ground about 10 meters away from the stage. If you go to the EVO experience, try to listen to Lotus Feet like that!
Steve, thanks for your hospitality and your reminder. Mikey, thank you too.

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#12 Post by VaiAddict » Fri Sep 23, 2005 4:09 pm

big a csiga wrote:As Mikey predicted, the press meeting ended up in us having a conversation with Steve, rather than press asking the same old questions again. Although there's been one "brilliant" question from one of the press guys: it was about the similarities of playing the guitar and having sex (inspired by an old interview with Jimi Hendrix). You wanted to see Steve's smile!

What was Steve's answer to this question? I'm really curious. :D I was among the "EVO Experiencers" in Vienna - but we didn't have those kind of questions :wink: But we were allowed to hold the EVO, too. I think on every EVO Experience EVO was handed round the participants. Man, what an honour!!

Cheers, Judith

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#13 Post by badblock » Sat Sep 24, 2005 4:01 am

The gig was fantastic! It was the best gig in my life!
You can find here a shirt review about it:

it is only Hungarian :(

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Such a gig! - beszámoló

#14 Post by eox » Sat Sep 24, 2005 11:46 pm

Such a Night!
No other words: Thank you!

Here is a review: ... 1&thold=-1

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