Buying a tube amp

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Hey, Folks.

Another amp recommendation here.

I'm looking at getting a new amp
Here's what I want.

1) Great distortion for solos and rhythm and also has a decent clean channel doesn't have to be like a fender clean.
2) Loud enough to play with a band and when I turn it up it won't get all crackly and cheap sounding.
3) 1x12 speaker combo with less than 100watts.

I play a lot of different styles but mostly I play instrumental rock and power metal.

Thanks for your suggestions.

O and can u keep under 1k by chance?

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used mesa boogie mark 3 combo
used mesa boogie rectoverb combo
used genz benz el diablo
new egnator rebel 20 mini stack
new carvin v3 combo
new peavey 6505 + combo
new krank mini stack

you can also use a clean power amp( tube combo like a peavey classic 30) and get a muti effects unit for you distortion.
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