Hello! About Legacy...

The name says it all! Discuss Steve's studios, your studios and gear set-ups, amps and effects here. This is not for discussing guitars (Steve's or otherwise).
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guyver_dio wrote:
bkornaker1977 wrote:i cant say enough great things about that amp.....i love mine.

i have full songs at www.soundclick.com/bryank

every song i used that amp for both clean, dirty and lead tones......
Holy crap dude your tunes kick ass, if you are in the competition in the self promotion section I'm voting for you.

You've got a closer sound to satriani than most people do with the actual satriani signature amp lol. Which shows you don't have to sound like steve vai just because you own a legacy nor will you sound like satriani with a jsx.
i missed the deadline for the compitition...........opps! Thanks for the complements! i always enjoy other people enjoying my music!
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