Been to a Vai show? Review it here. Please post in the appropriate thread for each show!
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Did you attend the show at the Royal Albert Hall in LONDON, ENGLAND?

Please post your review here!


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Note to Messers Satriani, Vai and Sheehan :-

at the soundcheck, go FOH and listen to what the punters, the PAYING punters, are gonna hear !

I'm so disappointed and not a little angry that I've just walked in from the show, it's now 1:15am, (actually it's now 1:50am 'cos I've just been on Joe's site posting a similar message!) and I've just got to get this off my chest. The sound tonight was absolutely apalling - when Steve started his set, my mate and I turned to each other in disbelief - there was no bass in the mix. There was Billy Sheehan up on stage, one of THE best bass players in the world and you couldn't hear him. Neither could you hear the drum kit and at times the whole mix just descended into mush.

It had taken me nearly two and a half hours to get to the show (and two hours to get back), not to mention the GBP30.00 for a ticket and the whole thing was a joke.

I'm so disappointed 'cos Joe is my absolute hero, I have loads of his stuff on CD, I buy the tab books and instructional stuff and Steve is equally awesome and I have loads of his CD's as well and this is the first time I've actually seen him live but what a disappointment.

The other thing is...what the hells up with Robert Fripp ? I'd read some very unflattering reviews of his set but I went there open-minded and it was OK, definitely not worth the heckling from certain idiots in the crowd but why sit almost off stage. He didn't even take a bow at the end...can't he walk or something ?

I'm sure Steve and Joe will never read these postings but it's a real shame 'cos they need to know that the FOH sound is way, way below the standard they should expect.

Sorry for the bad vibes.


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Sound was TERRIBLE. But I can't complain I still loved it! except robert flipp....seriously guys is this gonna be a reccuring thing or is G3 gonna clear up?
Anyways I had no way of getting home so on my way back from the closed station guess who I see.....Only the lead singer of motor head!
Anyways I go back to the hall to wait for a lift and so wait around for autographs and crap too....well anyway I was the guy in the red shirt with platted hair getting everyone to sign my cookie box.
Back to the subject, I think this show was pretty much a reflection of the other shows, judging by there reviews.
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G3 London 2004.

I turned up at door 1 of the Albert hall and waited to go in at around 7pm.
This door is right next to the stage door and out walks Jeremy Colson.
Not a single person standing in the queue recognized him. He walked past us all and sat down in a doorway. I walked over and asked him if it was OK to take a picture of him with my son and he was absolutely fine about it. I returned to the queue and from the same stage door, out walks Dave Weiner. Same thing happened, I asked for a picture and he obliged. I jokingly asked if he had any spare meet & greet passes to give away, he searched his pockets and pulled out 1 backstage pass. Yessssssssssssss!!!

I went in and watched the show, I had already seen G3 in bournemouth:

Fripp: I couldn't see him from where I was seated on the left but he played great for 30 minutes.

Vai: Awesome again. He plainly enjoyed playing the Albert hall.

Satriani: Great energetic show, he was running around all over the place.

G3 Jam: Great feeling toward the end, all three players played great.

Some people have complained about the sound. I think it makes a great difference as to where you are seated in the hall. I found Satriani's set way too loud on about three songs, but in general from where I was 13 rows back on the floor it was OK.

After the show I made my way to the meet & greet and as I only had 1 pass (kindly donated by Dave Weiner), I gave it to my son. As I stood outside the room waiting for my son to come out, Robert Fripp walked past me. I complimented him on his playing and he said thanks. I was then asked to leave the building by security. I politely explained that I was waiting for my son to come out so they did a quick check and decided to let me in as well. Yessssssssssss!!!

I then got to meet Satch, Vai and the rest of the musicians in the bands.

At the end of the evening I went to drive home only to find that my car was locked inside Hyde Park. Initially I'd resigned myself to sleeping in the car until 6am, but the police saw me and decided to let me out.

All in all a great evening. Oh........... and Dave........I love you man.

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I agree with the disapproval of the heckling of Fripp.

However, he is just not a G3 act. I couldn't believe what I was hearing for his set - for those who weren't there, it was kind of like Van Halen's 1984 (i.e. the intro piece to 'Jump', not the album). For 30 minutes.

Just a load of washy synth sounds. I was at least expecting something that sounded vaguely like a guitar - I have some King Crimson stuff and he's clearly a talented player, so why this?

I was personally disappointed with Steve's set - the choice of songs was weak in my opinion, and there was just too much meandering and self-indulgence - Satch was much better in this respect (even though I prefer Vai as a player).

The sound was bad, although I was right up in the circle, which may have made things I'm not sure the Royal Albert Hall was designed for loud rock bands. Having said that, I was pleased that you could actually hear MacAlpine's guitar this time round, which hasn't been the case previously.

I kind of wish they'd waited until this tour was over before releasing the Denver G3 DVD, as getting an almost verbatim preview of the show (right down to the guitar-sharing pranks and setlist) kind of spoiled it for me.

Anyhoo, just my opinion - Satch and Vai both went down a storm, so I guess I'm in the minority.
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oh yeah, just as a side note re. Fripp:

With students on his 'Guitar Craft' Courses, part of the course is to go out and play at a local dive bar. In order to help acquaint his students with the worst-case scenarios of real life, Fripp himself has been known to heckle his students, and actually throw things at them - seriously! So I guess he'd take any heckling in his stride....
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This show was AWESOME, but to a certain extent i do have to agree with many of the negative comments that have been made about Robert Fripp. I went there with a completely open mind with regards to his style of playing but i just couldn't take a liken to it or see what the point of it was. It certainly doesn't fit in with the G3 concept (but thats my opinion)

Steve Vai was amazing and watching him just makes me wanna pick my guitar up even more, he is such an inspiration and i can't wait for the next show he does here. Steve said playing at the Royal Albert Hall 'could be the highlight of his career'.

Joe Satriani was also brilliant, like Vai he has great stage presence and he said 'he didn't think there was anywhere better to play your guitar'

Roll on G3 05

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This was a great night man!

I agree with many other comments. Robert Fripp was a bit boring I found and I know many others did but that doesn't mean he should be heckled or shouted at, that bothered me a lot more. I found that he just did the same stuff and even within his sound scaping i thought he could have done a lot more. :?

Vai, was really great. Great stage presence, good choice of songs. "For the love of God" was blinding as was "whispering a prayer". Steve rocked most I feel. :lol:

Mr Satriani was also fantastic, "always with me, always with you" was sweet and "cool no9" just did it for me, as always. :)

The last 3 songs were good as they gave everyone a chance to see what Fripp was capable of, "rockin in a free world" ended the evening nicely.

One thing though, the sound at the royal albert hall had the lead guitar too loud when vai and satch were on, fripp was too quiet when they were all playing at end, and it was only when i stuck my fingers in my ears that i could cut out the high frequencies and hear the bass properly. In a venue like that I expected world class mixing, didn't get I feel. :shock:

All in all, a worth while experience! :D
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I agree with most of the comments regarding the sound, Don't know whether the Acoustic properties of the RAH may have been a contributory factor but like many others I think the sound on Steves set was appaling! Most of the time you just could not hear what was being played! Having been also to the Astoria gig where the sound quality was awseome I was more than a little dissapointed. It was a first time for me to see Satch and I greatly enjoyed his set and thought the sound was slightly better. Particularly the stuff from the new album.
The G3 section was I thought a little short but I guess time constraints dictated that, I also thought that the Rendition of "Red" was one of the most enjoyable moments of the evening.
The hecklers are not even worthy of mention, but will briefly anyway.
Fripp is an awesome musican but I feel that he was an odd choice for G3, and as previously said I doubt that he even noticed or certainly was not bothered by the idiotic comments made. I suspect that his choice of music, ie the soundscape stuff was dictated by the fact that he appeared solo, most of the KC stuff obviously requires a band. Anyone interested in exploring his live playing more, I suggest you check out the KC DVD "Eyes Wide Open", If you take the trouble you will also discover the awesome talent of Adrian Belew, who(If you are reading this Steve & Joe) would I think be a worthy G3 future participant. (Also how about Buckethead?) Anyway despite the problems Myself and my 19 year old daughter and her boyfriend still gretaly enjoyed the show.

Just an afterthought: Maybe if a camera had been trained on Robert and the image projected onto the screen? may have helped the audience feel more involved with what he was playing and thereby allowed those not familiar with his music to have appreciated it more.
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:D wow!!
great night, 3 legend guitar players in a unique venue
i loved robert fripp's set he is well worthy of his place on the G3 tour!!
(as to the heckler who cried "it's got 6 strings...use em!" you amaze me with your ignorance you dumb fuck!!! fripps playing is fantastic and legendary..... i gave vai/satch fans more credit)

vai's set was great but ther were sound issue's from the start (Steves guitar sound was giving all sorts of unwanted feedback everytime he stopped playing there was a low resonant feedback through his rig- couldn't the off stage sound guy EQed these noises out?) but hey steve's performance made up for it for me! there were many highlights to his set (the bit where steve was up on the drum riser playing off jeremy colson's one handed drum fills the other stick in his mouth!!!!! wow great drummer!!!)

Satch's set was great the "flying" tunes my favorite part! there was again sound problems but his set seemed a bit more consistant in sound levels but it was a little hurried.

The G jam was astounding i have not seen either G before live but have been a fan of all three for many years it was something i will never forget
i feel honored to have been there in the albert hall and hope that fripp's inclusion in this G3 tour brings other "legend" players to the G3 tours of the future (maybe Jimmy page, Jeff beck, John mclaughlin) can you imagine steve vai, joe satriani and Jimmy page jamming on whole lotta love!!!!!!!! wow!!!!! id buy that for a dollar

(how about a G Legends festival world tour!!!!! now your talking!!!!!!!
steve/joe if your reading these reviews..... if you build it we will come)

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Hi everyone

G3 sound team --- I hope you are reading this.

I think a lot of people, especially those sitting at the top floors would agree with me about the sound quality.. it was really poor and the fast solos (except for the ballads) were literally unhearable... it was a plain wall of noise.. it was impossible to single out guitars especially during heavy parts.
The bass was unhearable.. the solos were unhearable.. the drums - could make out the beat but sound could have been better. Make no mistake though.. they were playing very well and we could hear that now and then when the noise died down.

I think it may have been due to the speakers at the top in the middle of the hall which were jarring and causing bad reverbration for the top floors. Probably those sitting in the arena down had a better experience.

Robert Fripp started good, but it soon becomes very monotonous if one's playing about the same kind of music for a full half hour.. there were some jeers from the crowd. I personally thought if drumming was to suddenly join in, it would have rocked as atleast there could have been some variation in the drumming patterns. Note that at this point, everything was hearable as the music Robert Fripp was playing was not distorted.

The first ballad of Vai where he asked for an adlib with the crowd was nice, but I think he was disappointed that the crowd was not adlibbing so enthusiastically because the sound was really bad.

He used an alternative start to "For the love of god".. the song rocked.
The other songs sounded bad due to the sound quality. He pretty aptly called the hall a 'dump'.

I thought before Joe got on, his sound technicians would have listened from the stands and corrected the sound levels.. but no.

Satriani's songs were good.. he played "Always with me, always with you", "cool #9", "flying in a blue dream", among others.

All the ballads played sounded good.

The jam at the end was also good but the sound quality was unbearable. I was surprised to visually see Robert Frip playing fast solos during the jam (as contrasting with his starting piece) which were barely audible.

They got a standing ovation at the end.. from fans more in respect of their skills which they have displayed over the years in numerous albums and concert appearances, more because we knew they were playing good, than what we heard that night in Royal Albert Hall.

I was surprised to see Joe turn down handshakes from some people who requested it soon after they all bowed in the end... he was literally 1 foot away from them. I felt he could have acknowledged them.. knowing how down to earth Joe and Vai are from what I know of them. Vai was more courteous in how he acknowledged even the back rows... threw plecks into the crowd and then threw even more when they wanted more. Joe's drummer Jeff Campitelli made sure he picked up a card thrown by the audience from the back.

Anyway this was my first G3 concert.. first time I saw Vai and Satriani in person and it rocked.

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mukund wrote: He pretty aptly called the hall a 'dump'.
uhh...I think that was a joke, especially in light of what he then went on to say about it being a career highlight! :shock:
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TimJ wrote:
mukund wrote: He pretty aptly called the hall a 'dump'.
uhh...I think that was a joke, especially in light of what he then went on to say about it being a career highlight! :shock:
TimJ: You're right about it.. I was saying he called it a dump and *I* thought it was pretty apt. Maybe I was a bit harsh in thinking so.. it was indeed a beautiful place. I was very disappointed with the sound quality last night.
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Thought i'd just share a few of my thoughts from the show last night.

Fripp- Well to be honest it wasn't my cup of tea. His sound scapes were pretty cool but I personally got a bit board of it after half an hour, although me and my girlfriend had a few lovely moments (she was really ill later and slept through the whole second half). As for the booing of him in other countries there was none of that but one twat did shout ' play something' and 'it's got six strings- use them' People like that make you ashamed I was so angry.

Vai- WOW as soon as he stept on stage the audience woke up. His set was brilliant, There was so much energy. It was really loud but not over the top. I did find that the vocals got lost alot in the sound. I also thought that Tony MacAlpine was a bit loud during Giant balls of gold steves lead line got a bit lost due to Tony's volume.

Satch- WOW WOW. If you thought Vai was good Satch was even better. Again the vocals were lost in the mix but it didn't really matter. His tone was amazing, Really heavy but very melodic. Fripp also played a few sound scapes in satches set which awsome, it gave the songs a little bit more depth.

Jam- Truly the highlight of the evening obviously. All the playing was grat and the choice of jam songs was good a satch one (DAMN the name escapes me), a king crimson sond and 'Rocking in the free world' all Steve and Joe were on top form and well balanced volume wise, Fripp was a bit lower in the mix. He mainly played the rhythm parts to the songs and did a few more soundscapes. He did knock off a few tasty solos which must have shut up that dude who mouthed off during his set, just a shame he wasn't a bit higher in the mix.

All in all it was a brilliant show, probablyly the most varied G3 in therms of style. Just a quick thing who think Fripp was not a good choice- G3 is about guitarists playing what they want to play and expressing themselves. In that respect this G3 was just as good as any other.
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actually, I take back what I said about the venue not being good for rock - I saw Jeff Beck the previous week at the RAH and the sound was excellent. Fingers are starting to point at the soundmen... :x
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