Been to a Vai show? Review it here. Please post in the appropriate thread for each show!
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Did you see this show at The Grove in Anaheim, CA?

Please post your review of the show here. Steve and the band love reading your reviews.

Please do not post in this thread if you did not attend the show.

Jeroen 8)
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Absolutely fabulous :) Somehow Steve managed to make FTLOG even more beautiful than every rendition I've heard before. He gave all of his band members lots of stage time and the acoustic+"beast" drum set was pretty cool.

Awesome performance and I'll definitely go again next time!

Edit: Also, as a side note, is it possible (or will it be possible) to buy a DVD of this particular show? Or will there be a DVD available for the tour in general?

Edit Part 2: That was a really awesome robe-type thing Steve had on for the first couple songs :P I gotta get one of those :D
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Wow, i just got back, its like 5 in the morning, it was a four hour drive for me to get down there to anaheim from yosemite........but it was worth it! the evo was great, i met some really cool people, and the concert was AWESOME!...all the songs rocked, ftlog was beautiful, die to live, tender surrender, i could go on all morning, but im going to bed now....ill try to post a more in-depth review later i guess....but let me say this .....EVERY Vai fan SHOULD see this! .....peace guys.

Branden L. :D :D :D :D :D :) :) :D :D :D :D :D
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Here's what I think was the setlist:

Now We Run
Building The Church
Tender Surrender
Crying Machine
Dave's Solo
I'm Becoming
Die To Live
Freak Show Excess
Violin Solo
All About Eve
Jeremy showing off "The Beast"
Angel Food
Drum Solo
The Audience is Listening
The Murder
Whispering a Prayer
Taurus Bulba
For the Love of God

The show itself was amazing.

Zack Weisenger was weird.

Orianthi would have been better if they had toned down the drums so we could have heard her singing and shredding.

And Steve, of course, was amazing. The best performance of the night, in my opinion, was "Whispering a Prayer," but I'm also kind of baised because that is my favorite song of his. It was also awesome to hear most of "Fire Garden Suite," that song is amazing. "Tender Surrender" seemed much better live. His vocal selections were great, specifically "All About Eve." The only two I didn't like were "I'm Becoming" and "The Murder," just because I find the songs pointless whammy bar/sustainer shredfests. There was a strange part in "The Murder" where it looked like he was playing his guitar with his feet. "Freak Show Excess" gets my nod for second best performance of the night, the song was INSANE. The only bad thing was that he didn't say, "That's enough of that nonsense," but nonetheless it was still amazing. (He did say "That's enough of that nonsense" during the introduction of the band.) "For the Love of God" was OK, but it dragged out a little too long at the end. And, of course, I was ecstatic to hear "Answers," which is one of his top five live songs in my opinion (Listen to the original G3 with Eric Johnson and hear an awesome version of it.)

The band itself was awesome. Jeremy and Steve had a funny bit about Jeremy's portable drum kit "The Beast," which apparently looks like Steve. Tehe. Beller played some great bass, and Weiner is a great shredder. The best part of the band (Besides Steve) were the two violinists, Calhoun specifically. They improved some of his songs greatly ("For the Love of God" is one example) just with the presence of a violin.

The meet and greet was good. Everyone saw Beller, Calhoun, and Dave Weiner. When Steve walked in everyone was a bit silent for some reason. Steve said hi to some friends (Or relatives, couldn't tell) first and then he let us all come over. I told him that "Whispering a Prayer" blew my mind, and he smiled. He is extremely nice to his fans, something that all of us should appreciate. He signed my copy of "Alive in an Ultra World" (My favourite album of his) and "Sound Theories." These are now relics in my collection o' stuffs.

The venue was great, even though I had Tier four seats the venue was so small it didn't matter.

Great concert, people. "Whispering a Prayer" made my year. :o :shock:
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How many people are in each EVO? Just wondering because I have a ticket for the EVO in Hartford..Paul
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I had awesome seats! I got to sit at a table "dead center" of the first table rows, where you can sit and enjoy a nice dinner before the show. It was a perfect seat, for a perfect show!

and boy was i pounding the wine down that night!

Whispering a Prayer was the highlight.......always makes my eyes water up when i hear it. It was good to hear "OOooooo" from the ultra zone album.....that was cool to.

and "freak show access".............hell yeah!
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How many people are in each EVO? Just wondering because I have a ticket for the EVO in Hartford..Paul
I didn't go to EVO, but I was told that there were about 40 people.
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I've been to many concerts but this one was marred by very poor sound management. The board op should be fired. Orianthi was especially unintelligible as the volume was way over the top. I could hear speaker cones hitting their enclosures. The decibel level was past the pain threshold. I took wetted pieces of napkin and stuffed them into my ears. The board op must be deaf. Total harmonic distortion rather than volume is very fatiguing. I can take loud clean sound, but this was the worst I have ever heard in any venue. Steve was alot better, but the volume level was still excessive.I was sitting in dead center, 2nd row behind the tables. The light show was spectacular as was the use of video projectors. What was not appreciated were the spotlights turned on the audience, which made it difficult to see the act. Hey, I'm not the entertainment.
I hope that in the future an emphasis is made to control THD. Humans can adjust for sound volume to a degree- but not that much.
I did enjoy the on stage banter with Jeremy and his "Beast". The hardest working guy is definitely the drummer - especially at Vai Speed. Laura adds a class touch with the violin - reminds me of Dream Theatre or Deep Purple with an orchestra.
My 17 year old son has the Vai Signiature Guitar and he was watching Steve's every move. I expect to hear it a lot more this week. Thanks for the riffs.
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Here is what I thought of the show last night...

The venue was perfect, lighting was great, overall the sound was really good. The only thing lacking was Dave's quitar got a lilttle lost in the mix, might have been where I was sitting.

Zack - was a breath of fresh air, talented, wierd, funny. To me, he was something very different than the norm in the world of guitar players. My wife called him the "Jim Carrey of guitar". Meant as a compliment. Loved the Munster, and James Bond jams.

Orianthi - was good, especially the 3rd to last, and 2nd to last songs. (sorry I dont know the names of the songs). Nice voice, very pretty,really tight pants! & sound problems....mostly feedback.

Vai - Let me start out by saying that I was not ready to like this band...violins? No Billy? No Tony Mc? (I saw the Breed at 4th & B in San Diego a couple of years back), and all I could say was wow! Why would anyone change this band?

The change was worth it!!! MR. VAI DOES IT AGAIN!!!!
This band is ....perfect in its own way. (changing up musicians and sounds DOES make for new and interesting interpretations in music.)

Dave W - tight and consistant as always
Jeremy C - dude, you kick ass! Steve do not lose this guy to Britney
Spears band!
Bryan B - you had some big shoes to fill. loved your tone... deeeeep but
bright on top
Alex - never thought I would see a smokin' violin/keyboard rebel in the
Anna - loved your tone, your beautiful, expressive playing, and your smile

Highlights for me & my wife.....

Steve's James Brown dancing/band intros
Ooooo - one of my favorite Vai songs
Tender Surrender - another favorite... played to perfection.
The Crying Machine - loved the soft vai-olin section in the middle of the
Die to Live - Bryan, the way you played this song was great. Nice slap
and pluck (that was cool the way you let the notes ring!)
Vai-olin solos - nice crossroads reference...Alex you were brilliant, Anna
you were awesome as well.
All About Eve - the acoustic guitar sounded great, Steve sang beautifully,
lighting was perfect....A++++
Whispering a Prayer - Best song of the night...period. I don't know what it
is about that song, but I can't help but get emotional.
My wife and I both got tears in our eyes. Steve that
was a beautiful version of a great song...thanks.
FTLOG - Anna's intro made this song even more perfect than it was before.
loved the solo at the end, Steve your chops are amazing! I used
to think I played guitar, after tonights show, I know I only play
with the guitar!

Overall it was a great show that my wife and I wont soon forget. I will see you again, probably at the Wiltern on Tuesday. By the way, I just purchased a guitar I have ever played!!! :guitar
Rock on Steve! :peace
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The show was fantastic. I was skeptical about the new band having heard of the addition of violinists (I love the instrument, however, I've heard so many bands butcher the rock/orchestral fusion before), but I should have known that Steve would pull it off.

The set list was amazing. There was only one small issue with "Angel Food"... I would have loved to hear the keyboard/guitar duel, but it still rocked the way it was played. FTLOG sounded fresh and it was a perfect end to the night. I was very pleased with the set list.

Thanks for the great show Steve! I didn't make it to EVO this time so consider Guthrie Govan for G3. Maybe I'll get to ask you next time.


EDIT: Forgot to add that it was quite a shame that Orianthi's sound guy blew it big time. The band has talent, but they sounded like one big mush last night... Zack Weisenger was fun...
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I just woke up from getting home late lastnight from the show and let me first and fore most say the show was amazing :)..........I had forth row seat suppose to be center stage but since I am in a wheelchair I had to sit on the end..........the sound throughout the show progressively got better........and thank goodness for that........both opening acts had horrendous sound....and I know from exp. that when you sit up close the sound tends to be "muffled" but the sound lastnight was horrendous to start but once Steve hit the stage it was much much better.......Steve once again captivated his audience with every note he played on his masterpiece guitar was AWESOME to hear a lot of different stuff most of the set list changed from the last time I saw him at The Grove a coupe years back and that was really nice to hear...........I still have an un fullfillment as even though I was sitting in row four (and then right in front of the stage for the enocre) I went home without a guitar pick once again :(.........but the man is exceptional at what he does and is by far the most gentle of souls I have ever met as I can say this since I had my first dream fullfilled in meeting him at NAMM this year.........the venue still had some mixups and I ended up spenidng more lastnight than I had planned (so much for a $15 dollar dinner deposit :( ).......I had taken extra money with me to get a T- Shirt or something like that but that quickly went away when my dinner bill came and they told me that my dinner voucher was not included :( ...................none of which is Steves fault and oncee again what he did lastnight with his guitar work was absoluetly fantastic........Hey Steve next time look out for us "wheelchair" fans sitting on the end of isles and or sitting by the stage hoping you will had us a guitar pick or let us pick our own right from the very headstock of EVO like you did with the gentle man sitting 4 or 5 chairs over from where my wheelchair was placed :) are a class act and oncece again thank you for playing The Grove and giving me the chance to watch you do what you do BEST my BEST of wishes go out to you and the band and the rest of those touring with you and I do hope you are blessed everynight you are on the stage or on the road


Justin AKA Draven0914
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Amazing show, what else can be said. In addition to the set list posted above, it was wonderful to hear 'The Audience Is Listening'.

Steve is in another universe when it comes to his playing...I would be absolutely terrified to have to play before or after him.

On a separate note, prior to Steve coming on, the soundman had some music playing that I really liked, I went to the board and asked, he told me it was Frederick Thornbird but after searching the web high and low, I haven't been able to find anything on him.

Can anyone help me out?


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Try Frederik Thordendal :)

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You're the man! Thanks a bunch.

I also want to say to anyone who has recently discovered Mr. Vai...I've met him many times and he's an incredibly humble, genuinely nice guy.

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As all before me have stated, the show was in-freaking-credible!!!! I also was very apprehensive of the new line up Steve had. But I've taken a couple of days to absorb the show and I sit here at the keyboard still dumbfounded by what I experienced... the talent of the band is second to none. The addition of the violins was AWESOME!!! Anne Marie's violin tone was classic and beautiful but Alex's tone was crazy with the distortion and effects on it. As Steve said at the Evo meet and greet... "The sound will be aggressive and beautiful." Boy, that was an understatement!!!

I would just like to say to Steve... "Thank you so much for what you do and for the music you have brought into my life. It touches my soul."

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