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Did you attend this show? Please post your comments and reviews in this thread!

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Dear Mr. Vai

I do not know if you read these posts, hoever, i though i jsut had to say that this was the best show i have ever seen in my life, seriously. You're playing was fantastic, as were the rest of the band. And whoever said that steve vai cannot sweep pick is totally wrong, you played some pretty fine ones in my opinion.

Eric Sardinas was awesome to and im glad i got to meet him after the show and chat for a while, i was dissapointed that i could not meet yourself but i appreciate that you must be tired and too busy after such a terrific show.

When you played For The Love Of God it made me cry it was so beautiful. Thanks again ofr a wonderful night!

Adam Ironside

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What a night!!

Although I've seen Mr Vai at G3 tours in the UK - tonight was the first time I'd seen the full length live set. It will not be the last!!!

Lotus Feet was my highlight. Truly amazing. THANK YOU!
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OK let's get the bad stuff out of the way first:

Eric is such a talented chap, it's just a shame that it sounded like we were hearing the monitor mix, it was really baaad, 'shouty' top end to the whole sound and no definition at all, just a mess and then we had the lights mmmmmmm were they just testing the rig? Bad timing and those bloody audience blinders certainly lived up to their name!! :shock: This was a bad start for such a great band , such a shame.

Next it was Stevie's turn, I must point out that I was in the balcony and I think that was not a good move, they were all sitting down! :x for 3 hours - are those seat made out of granite? my ass was killing me by halfway through! :( and it's really cramped in the legroom department, and I guess the sound was mixed for downstairs 'cause it was also a bit ropey (exceptionally so during the full band rock outs, I know that it must have been a tough job trying to control things when 3 guitars are all trying to occupy the same frequencies, are 3 guitars really needed? I saw Steve when he did the first G3 tour with just Mike Kenneally playing the occasional bit of guitar and that was simply devine) after the first couple of songs it got a lot better though. By the last half of the show it was sussed. :D

Now the good bits: Steve has not started to show any signs of losing his great skills yet, he does seem genuinly grateful that we all enjoy his art and he does seem to have fun, there seems to be no 'us and them' between band and audience. His playing was just amazing, he makes it all look so effortless ..... and it's not!!!! :? The band were Tight as a tight thing (little Dave is quite a talent, the others are great too - it's just that Dave is reasonably new to all of this 'Rack n ROoll'/live/clever stuff). 'For the love of god' and 'lotus flower' were stunning as was 'freak show excess' but no 'firewall' ..... booo. All who have yet to see them on the tour are in for a treat (just make sure you are in the stalls).

O , Sorry more bad stuff: The band solo's ..... a tad too long for my liking, Tony mcalpine is such a great musician but for god sake stop him after the classical type keys solo bit , don't do the 'atmospheric' chords guff, please. All of the solo's were a bit tedious (except little dave and my wife and daughter both liked the drum solo - I suspect they actually just like the drummer!). Billy is without doubt the best rock bass player on this planet, but even his solo was a bit mmmmmm I can't think of a word to discribe it properly .... Stu Hamm's solo was better :wink: - sorry. Why do the solo thing, just a featured bit in a couple of the songs would be enough ...... a wise man once said 'leave them wanting more'.

Sorry if this sounds like I didn't enjoy it .... I did (except for the numb bum and the cramp in my legs). Was I the only one in the balcony who thought it sounded a bit duff? maybe it was just me ... and there was no FZ story that he has done at previous shows ... bugger, I wanted to hear that.
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Like nodge, I have only ever seen Steve as part of G3 and so have never been able to see a full set by him. I was sitting upstairs in the front row so had a brilliant view of him and the breed. The set which he played last night was amazing - the best set I have seen at a concert, it had a fantastic mix, I really enjoyed the acoustic set and loved hearing songs from earlier albums which I had never heard nor seen played live- notably 'sisters' and 'the reaper'.
The "banter" between Steve and the crowd was fantastic and im sure he realised how much we appreciated that he had come to Newcastle (on such a wet and awful day!) and played a mind blowing show.
Not forgetting the rest of the band, Billy S is brilliant - he is as Steve said the greatest bassist in the world. Tony M's piece on the keyboard was beautiful- i disagree with butler63 as i could've listened to him all night. Dave was fab - love that seven string and Jeremy really was like 'Animal' out of the muppets!
To Steve, thankyou so much, a truly inspirational man
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Firstly, what a fantastic show by Eric Sardinas and his new band...
If you would like further information on Eric then check out his official website:

Steve Vai as always was excellent and the Breed superb. 'Whispering a Prayer' was fantastic!

Can't wait for the Manchester show tomorrow!!

Richard Booth.
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Great show, sound was fine, all performances were excellent. another great nights entertainment! Accoustic set was excellent, a good mix of vai new and old... and some fairly obscure.

my only quibbles..... the fella sitting next to me hadnt had a shower for a mth... he stank! Steve STILL didnt play boston rain melody.... (how many gigs to i have to go to before i get that live?)

cant wait for the next tour.

oh yeh, i was in the balcony too... like sitting on rocks hehehe... still...there was a nice lady sitting infront of us practically playing with herself... a kinda added bonus i guess :)

ahh yeh, at perevious shows, ive been able to purchace signed posters etc... there was no signed merchandise from steve avail.... i was hoping to get a lil something to sit next to my g3 posters..
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What a gig!

Eric Sardinas was excellent, thou the sound was a bit muffled, and couldn't really hear what he was playing when his full distortion was on. I was expecting him to jump off the stage and walk up and down the hall like he did last time i saw him with Vai in Scotland! :lol:

And mr Vai and Co? Superb! I dunno how those guys can sustain for almost 3 hours or so! Technically amazing, as you'd expect. And Dave Weiner is really good 2, blends nicely with the rest of the band.
All the solo spots i thought were cool, no matter how long they went on for, it must be quite thrilling, standing up there, wailing away in front of hundreds of folk! Does anyone have the set list? My memory fails me, thou highlights for me were the acoustic set, For the Love of God, Audience is Listening, The Reaper (Most excellent)

Excellent all round, Especially since i drove 31/2 hours from Scotland to see them since i was unable to attend the Scotland gig the night before!

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AMAZING SHOW! And the best seats in the house too, front row centre (thats what waiting 2 hours to be first in the queue for tickets gets ya!)
Eric's set was a great was to start the show, he was like Johnny Winter on acid! He played a great set, and was great banter after the show, posing for pictures with us and signing all the merchandise.
When Steve came on, everyone went crazy, and after he had rattles off "Glorious" and "The Audience is Listening", he introduced the band, before having to start "Building your Church" again, after a slight mistake!
At the end of set 1 came the acoustic set which, which showcased some excellent playing by the band, the highlght for me being "Sisters"
The highlight of the night though, had to be "Lotus Feet" or Billy's bass solo, in which practically everyone had their mouths wide open.
The encores of "Liberty" and FZ's "My Guitar Wants to Kill your Mama" were unreal, and then followed by, of course, "For the Love of God, it just tipped of the night. Even though everyone was still shouting for more, Steve unfortunatly had to move on. But then about 40 or so people crowded round the back waiting for autographs.
The banter round the back of the building was great, especially with roadies slipping down the ramp out of the building, and Thomas Nordegg being branded "Hero!" and "Legend!" every time he came outside made the night even better. When Billy Steve, Jeremy and Eric came out and signed everything, thats what was really special. I managed to get the 3 page setlist signed by them all, as well as photos with them all.

Overall, one of the greatest concerts EVER! Come back next year!!!! and Thank you so much!

I will post photos later on
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SirPsychoSexy wrote:oh yeh, i was in the balcony too... like sitting on rocks hehehe... still...there was a nice lady sitting infront of us practically playing with herself... a kinda added bonus i guess :)
Oh, I saw that. That was scary.

Sitting to the right of the stage in the fourth or fifth row... the quote of the evening goes to a friend of mine: "On a scale of one to ten, that was awesome."

Every song was so, so good, no "especially's," because it implies that some songs weren't as good as others. They were ALL magnificent. The "Old" and "As long as we have long hair we're cool" gags were an unexpected piece of genius, as well as Dave Weiner's "Testosterone charged seven string." I don't think I will be able to have kids now...

Speaking of Mr. Weiner, and knowing that the band would get solos so that Stevie could run off and put some new gear on, I was expecting another "Dave's Party Piece," which was great on the Astoria DVD... but Holy Moly, Batman. That man's acoustic minute at the start of his solo set was mindblowing. I've been wanting to play like that and Eric Sardinas for a while, ever since I saw Jon Gomm live... and then he moves into his clean electric... nice touch. I feared a change of heart when the overdrive/distortion switched on... nope. What I REALLY appreciated... was the subliminal advertising going on on Dave's Amp Setup. Why do I have the sudden, unexplainable urge to visit

Eric's opening set was unbelievable. I have NEVER seen a supporting set so mindblowing. And I hate to use the word supporting, because it has connotations of a warm-up for the main group... Eric was Rock N Roll right from the start. Beerbottle slide? I hope he hasn't patented that idea. And whilst I steal that technique, I think I'll make off with his hat, too. YOINK.

Whispering A Prayer and Lotus Flower... Good God. End of paragraph.

And that acoustic set was beautiful. Where do I buy that acoustic gweetahr? Or the lasergloves? Or the doublenecked mirror banjo? Or just the mirror guitar with the laser in the head? Thanks Steve, now you've gone and ruined my education - I'm gonna spend every waking hour customising and musicizing now. Damn ye.


My only letdown was that Steve didn't personally invite me up on stage to play For The Love Of God with him. Cest la vie, eh.

All in all, THE best gig I have ever seen. Even better than Hayseed Dixie, and they were just unbelievably good.

EDIT: How did I miss the back-building meet? Argh.

And what were the cameras for? Not another DVD?
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First and foremost, can I just take a minute to thank Steve and the Breed for putting on an absolutely mindblowing set. The whole night was brilliant. Also, I met Billy during the day walking along northumberland street and thank you (if you read this) for signing my album!

i cant think of a particular highlight, it was just amazing- I had an absolute blast. Hope you guys come back to Newcastle, we love you here!!!!

Also, i loved Eric Sardinas- I rushed and bought his CD after his set (currently listening to Tenfold Trouble!) Waited afterwards and he signed it for me- I thought it was great that he came out in the pissing rain and wind.

also- did steve come out at the end after the set? I had to leave quite early.

Steve you are a very special guy- keep rocking for a long time- Another twenty five years please! Keep your hair long, you will be fine.
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Fantastic gig, one of the best I've seen this year and I've been to a few.
SirPsychoSexy wrote:... still...there was a nice lady sitting infront of us practically playing with herself... a kinda added bonus i guess :) ..
There was a not so young lass behind me with a skirt so short you could see her nickers even when she sat with her legs together. (Blood good job she was wearing some :shock: )
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when he played Buliding a Church over the top of the neck that for me was the best bit. Great gig. ive bin to the city hall loads o' times but i think that this one was the best.
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Twas a fantastic show - first time I'd seen Vai myself cos my friend practically begged me to go, so I did, and I'm so glad that I did!

For those who were asking - yes, Steve did appear at the end of the gig, which was v cool of him cos it was raining, v cold and v late. In fact all of the band appeared eventually, altho Steve had to go seek Dave Weiner for us at the end of it cos he was hiding away on his computer somewhere.

Does anyone have any pix from the gig? I'd love to see some other people's pictures. Mine are here if anyone wants to see.
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I really, really enjoyed the show. I was front row centre as well, next to NantucketSleighrider, just like I was queueing up for tickets in the first place! Cheers for the sip of Eric's beer, I was parched! I missed out on seeing the band but since I was knackered and still had a drive home ahead of me it's perhaps for the best that I went home before I was too tired to concentrate on the road. I met Steve last year after the G3 gig so although I'd still have liked to meet Billy and the guys I'm not so disappointed to sit out the meet and greet this time. It was very cool of them to do it since the weather was so awful and they must have been tired so I hope everyone who got the chance to meet them enjoyed it.

Steve on his own, as opposed to his G3 set last year, seemed more sure of himself. He was more restrained with the shorter set last year but he seemed so much more comfortable this time. The more I look back on this show, the more highly I regard it. The set list was the main reason for this. My highlights were 'The Audience Is Listening' and 'Sisters' for the night, the former being a song that I normally miss listening to on record simply because I'm not so keen on the vocals - I mean, I love the spirit of them but once you've heard it I personally just want the song after a while. This version that Steve played took the song and made it into something special, it really was amazing that he could take some of his more unusual material and make it very accessible.

I have to say, I loved the acoustic part of the set. This was the first time I'd seen Steve on his own so I'm not sure if he tends to do this but if not then I'd say that making an acoustic part of the set a regular feature would be very welcome. As I say, 'Sisters' was a real highlight for me, but the other shorter versions of other songs were fantastic. I'd especially have liked a full version of 'Call It Sleep' but I still think Steve was right to keep things short as while the break for some acoustic stuff was welcome I think that having a good mix of short stuff worked whereas perhaps longer acoustic songs might have seen him lose some of the crowd until the JEMs came back out again, I don't know. As it was, everyone seemed to love it, 'The Boy/Girl Song' even got a massive sing-along for its brief outing!

The band were all great as well, Dave for his solo and Sitar performances just being third for me after the obvious Steve and Billy one-two. Everyone was on top form though I have to say.

'Building The Church', 'Glorious' and 'Midway Creatures' were my favourites from the new album, although they were all fantastic.

My main complaint is that it was so awesome that I was left wishing that I had tickets for the rest of the tour. That's about it. :P I could say that it would have been nice to hear some Alien Love Secrets or The Ultra Zome stuff but there was so much there that there's really no complaints from me.

Fantastic show!
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