Your most enjoyable Vai solo to play?

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Alex Smith
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shader wrote:It's probably a 7 string in standard tuning (BEADGBE) - P&W was recorded exclusivly (i think) on a Universe
It's a seven-string - I've seen the tab. :)
ax murderer
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certainly nowadays steve plays THE ANIMAL on a jem (not seven string UV) with standard tuning, utilising a harmonizer set to add a 5th below the fretted note. i don't personally have a harmonizer, or a UV, but i have got a jem, and it sounds pretty good if you just play two strings an octave above how it was originally performed [e.g low G, higher C, as opposed to low C, higher G (or effectively a fourth above instead of fifth below)]. it still sounds lower and 'beefier' than just the lowest note, standard tuning for some reason i may never understand. i also find the solos sound cool if you jam a wah pedal open roughly half way, but maybe with a bit of treble bias. i'd love to know how you guys play it though. it's all a learning curve, right? i've only been playing two years, and would love to learn from some of the 'older' hands...
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Juice. Juice. Juice.

And Shyboy.
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Many people have said Shyboy, so I decided to learn the intro. It took a good while but it was worth it - it just feels so good under the fingers! Practically plays itself!
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die to live, boston rain melody, for the love, and liberty
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Man, this is a hard question to answer. I would say Juice, because that song is just about the most energetic and flowing song, ever, but it wouldn't be my fave to play.

To throw a little one out to left field, I do quite enjoy Still My Bleeding Heart and Here and Now. There's some power in them there songs.

Die to Live will take the cake tho. For all of you speed demons out there, of course this song may not satisfy, but it's not that. It's the songwriting. That song has a voice that speaks to me like no other.

Ok, there's my deep thought for the day. Ohhh... that reminds me. Remember:
"Deep Thoughts", by Jack Handy"

"It takes a big man to cry, but it takes a bigger man to laugh at that man. Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy" :lol:
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My favorite thing to play is a combination of some of the stuff Vai did in the Crossroads (the beginning and ending of the solo after the "Bad Horsie" exchange... u know, the way he bowed with his guitar) adjusted to fit Eugene's Trick Bag in the middle. BTW, do u know where to get the Crossroads tab because mine's sorta queer :roll:

Don't say no to F*** Yourself or For the Love Of God, though...
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sisters, boston rain melody, tender surrender, warm regards
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I love playing whispering a prayer (even though i dont have a sustainer, it doesnt matter that much beacuse u can just re pick it :wink:)
especially the fast hard bit !
And i've just started looking at the fast bit in lotus feet which is a blast to play as well, very hard though.
One other song id love to do the solo to (with a band) would be Im the hell outta here. It would seem a little cheesy but so much fun!
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I like playing Building the Church tapping with one hand...its quite impressive. I like soloing Bad Horsie. C'mon how come Bad Horsie hasn't come up? I love that song. The Animal is cool to solo but when you are improvising. I think it sounds great as a back track but it's too short. And the beginning to The Reaper is awesome but quickly loses it's edge. But all are great to improvise as well instead of playing what Steve Vai plays.
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for the love of god for being my first song to learn, and bad horsie for just being that damned cool....oh and as he said b4 the animal is also fun to play
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There's something about playing Bad Horsie I love. I'm not sure whether its the fact that that was the first Vai song I ever heard, or just the overly-catchy 'Chugga-Chugga' rhythm.

Die to live too, because you don't need any band around for it to sound great, and its simply such a wonderful song.

Babushka's a bit of a beast to play too, along with Black Forest. :wink:
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I think that Liberty is one of the greatest Sveve Vai songs and is one of the funnest to play and its my fave


Die to Live
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I probably played FTLOG about 12000 times :D but, i'd say that Crying Machine and Hand on Heart are among my favorites to play. For some macho badass playing i would go with Animal 8)
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Shyboy is definitely very cool, but the nicest solo IMO is Slip of The Tongue ! I think it's the perfect example of a Vai work into a metal context !
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