Top 10 Favorite Guitarists

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1. evh
2. pat metheny
3. alan holdsworth
4. george benson
5. john abercrombie
6. radiohead guy
7. angus/malcom young
8. sv
9. js
10. pg

honorable mention goes to: george lynch, tony mac, pat martino, yngwie, jeff beck, james hetfield, strunz & farrah, robert johnson.
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1. Steve Vai
2. Joe Satriani
3. Allan Holdsworth
4. Eric Johnson
5. Jeff Beck
6. SRV
7. Clapton
8. Hendrix
9. Michael Hedges
10. Andreas Segovia (tie with Tarrega)
in no particular order
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Come on MICK MARS!! A 54 year old with a bone disease and a fake hip that can still play a world tour, and play guitar beastingly! Legend!
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no real order after the first...
STEVE VAI!!!! (well...duh)
tony macalpine
brian may
randy ellefson
my best friends dad
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MikeM wrote:
10. Andreas Segovia
ahh...thats a name not seen enough
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1 Uli Jon Roth(dont see him enough either)
2 Steve Vai
3 Randy Rhoads
4 Stanley Jordan(same here)
5 Michael Schenker (thats a name you dont see at all on these kind of list)
6 Paul Gilbert
7 Jason Becker
8 Andrea Segovia
9 John Petrucci
10 Joe Pass(same with him)
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1. EVH - (Van Halen) The reason I got started, even though he is an assmunch, still my favorite player of all time. Once I heard "Eruption" it was all over
2. Malmsteen - (Alcatraz, Raising Force, solo) Speed kills, and I love his vibrato and tone
3. Satch (Solo, fill-in for the Rolling stones)- Song writing and tone
4. Vai (Zappa, DLR, Whitesnake, solo)- Mind blowing at times, killer technique : John Petrucci - same as Vai
5. Nuno bettencourt (Extreme, solo)- Killer licks, and the second best rhythm player behind EVH IMO
6. Eric Johnson (Solo)- Technique,technique,technique
7. Neal Scholn (Journey, solo)- Arena rocks rules - guys got killer chops and I love his solo structuring
8. Jason Becker (Cacphony, DLR, solo)- Listen to his versions of Vai and EVH covers with roth. Enough said
9. John Sykes - (Blue Murder, Whitesnake) Guy tears that shit up, and has killer tone
10. Warren DiMartini (Ratt)- What can I say, I'm an 80's child. Wrote lots of crazy solos for Ratt. Most unique player in the 80's

CHECK THIS NERD OUT ............. Guy blowns my mind with killer technique ... iawski.WMV
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1. Steve vai(the most emotional and expressiv player EVER! and he has monster chops! NUFF SAID!)
2. Jason Becker(Very close at being my numero uno! The best guitar player to date! Amazing chops...Amzing emotion....Stunning song writting! And what an awe inspiring human being)
3. John Petrucci(Not alone is he he mr.megachops his songwritting with dt is heavenly! And he is a friendly humble guy!)
4. Guthrie Govan(The most versatile guitarist to date! never has a player blended and mingled shred, fusion, jazz, metal, prog, country, funk, classical, latin etc. like Guthrie)
5. Eddie Van Halen( the reason i started playing)
6. Steve Lukather( An amazing player and probably the funniest guy on earth)
7. Pepe Romeo( he is a member of the royal family of guitar(the Romeros)Nuff Said!!!)
8. greg howe(Great shred/fusion player)
9. Frank Gambale(love his playing)
10. Tom Morello(Innovative guitarist who writes great riffs, creates sci-fi sounds and he has pretty good chops)
11.(f*** it, i couldn't keep it to ten) Yngwie malmsteen!(jaw dropping playing)
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Martian Love
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1. Steve Vai
2. Joe Satriani
3. Yngwie Malmsteen
4. John Petrucci
5. Eddie Van Halen
6. Steve Morse
7. Michael Schenker
8. Eric Sardinas
9. Zakk Wylde
10. Addrian Smith
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1. S. Vai
2. S. Morse
3. S. Henderson
4. M. Friedman
5. J. Scofield
6. P. Metheny
7. T. Andress
8. J. Satriani
9. S. Burns
10. M. Waters
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(no particular order)

steve vai-enough said
john petrucci-one of the best prog guitarists around at min
eddie van halen-not a big fan but "eruption" is amazing
dimebag darrel-R.I.P man one of my fave metal players
jake e lee-Bark at the Moon solo,,,what more can i say?
randy rhoads-ozzys finest guitarist,brilliant at classical style
paul gilbert-150mph fingers!!
al de meola-You gotta see this guy play live for yourself!fantastic
jimi hendrix-All along the watchtowers the one that grabs me by the balls
jimmy page-black dog,stairway....need i say more??
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1/ Steve Vai
2/ Jason Becker
3/ Joe Satriani
4/ Paul Gilbert
5/ Brian May
6/ Stevie Ray Vaughan
7/ John Petrucci
8/ Jennifer Batten
9/ Jimi Hendrix
10/ Marty Friedman
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Just from the top of my head:

My 3 all time favorites:
#1. Steve Vai
#1. Joe Satriani
#1. Steve Lukather

And In random order:
Eddie van Halen
Jimi Hendrix
James Hetfield
Nuno Bettencourt
Yngwie Malmsteen
Steve Morse

And more.....
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Heres mine:

1. Steve Vai
2. Stevie Ray Vaughan
3. Jimi Hendrix
4. Joe Satriani
5. Dave Gilmour
6. Jimmy Page
7. Yngwie Malmsteen
8. John Pretucci
9. Eric Clapton
10. Eric Johnson
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01. Mattias "IA" Eklundh
02. Ron Thal
03. Steve Vai
04. Frank Zappa
05. Buckethead
06. Fripp
07. John Petrucci
08. Joe Satriani
09. Tony Macalpine
10. Michael Romeo
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