Would you buy a jem BLIND???

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Big Bad Bill
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UK law is very different in that case, Miker. Over here, buying a product through a retailer means your 'contract' is with the retailer and they have to conform to the 1979 Sales of Goods Act in which you have the right to recieve goods that are of 'merchantiblle quality'. If they are not the retailer has to repair, replace or give a refund. In doing the first or second of these, the buyers cinsumer rights are not compromised in nay way. This is the law in the UK and many consumers don't know this!

All we're doing here is offering NOT! our personal experiences. It'll be up to him to weigh the pros and cons from what we've said and come to a decision!

Good luck-NOT!
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Just to let anyone who's interested know that Windows in Newcastle has a JEM 7VWH in store for £1899. Could someone please buy it before I do?!

They are absolutely awesome guitars but at that price there are some of us who need to be saved from ourselves!

Sound Control also has a 555 upstairs if anyone really wants to make sure of putting me out of my weak-willed temptation-filled agony!
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When I bought my Jem 7VWH, I basically bought it sight unseen. I had played and Ibanez RG550 and the Jem is basically a supped up version of that so I had a really good idea of what it would be like.

I still had to tweek it and adjust it to fit my playing but soundwise and all it was exactly what I was looking for. I love it!

peace and light
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Yes and I have

Jem77BFP in 1992 :D
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