Suggested best locking trem buys without pickup concerns?

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I've ben thinking of buying a new guitar for a while now as I don't have one with a floating trem/locking nut and want to get more into that sort of playing. The thing is, I'm also at the stage now where I don't really want to buy a guitar that's going to be an 'until I can afford this other one that I really want' thing. I've looked at RGs and JEMs, but to be honest for pickups I've been thinking that maybe I'd prefer either EMGs, like an 85 in the neck pickup and an 81 in the bridge, or Seymour Duncans if I don't go for active pickups. I'd prefer to have two humbuckers and I'm not fussed about having a middle pickup. If I did then the arrangement would be H/S/H, but to be honest I'd be happy enough without one as I don't really use the middle pickups much and they tend to annoy me by being perilously close to where I want to pick so they're more hassle than help sometimes.

Anyway, since I'm not really after DiMarzios but do want a 24 fret (though I'd consider 22 fret options) guitar with a locking nut and floating trem, does anyone have any suggestions as to what I should get, considering that pickups aren't a factor as I'd be buying them separately? I just wondered what the most dependable trems are and what would be worth spending money on, since there's no point in spending loads for a guitar if pickups are the main reason for it being more expensive than a cheaper model. I hear that trems wear out after a few years anyway, so I'm just after a good guitar with a reliable trem that would allow for two humbuckers to be fitted without much having to be done to the body of the guitar to fit them. I'd want the guitar to have decent sustaining potential, so I don't know if RGs or JEMs do that well without effects, but do any of you have any suggestions as to what might be a decent buy for around, say £500-700, bearing in mind that I'm in the UK and won't buy anything on mail order that I haven't personally played? I'm prepared to shell out a bit more if necessary but ideally I don't really want to spend more than about £1000-1200 for the whole thing including buying new pickups and having them fitted.
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from what you're describing, the Prestige RGT's might be worth a look. and personally i wouldn't worry about what pickups they come with - even if you're paying for expensive pickups you can (hopefully) still sell them off.

*goes for a quick model name search*

RGT3020FM: 2 Dimarzo PAF Pro's and an Edge. also a 5 way switch, so i'm guessing you'd have to change that. but still a possibility. and not sure whether you like it or not, but you should know it's a through neck.

RGT2020: same as above, obviously with cheaper pickups, not sure what else.

and a couple of others...

RG2120X: once again, 2 humbuckers but a 5 way switch. not a neck thru. Dimarzio IBZ's and (if it interests you) a Double Edge Pro bridge with a piezo pickup.

RG1620X: pretty much the same as above, but as with the RGT's, cheaper pickups on the cheaper model (V7 and V8, anyone?).

hope that helps.
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the high end rgs are very nice and aren't a "this will hold over till i get more money" type of guitar.

if you like les pauls and sustainer you may want to check out a fernandes ravelle.

or look into an ibanez usrg30. they are extermly nice and American made but they have been out of production for a while. ... umitems=30 ... umitems=30 ... ... /index.htm
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