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Have anyone heard both these two humbuckers and is there a great difference
or just a little brighter tone in the PAF JOE?

I love the tone in the PAF PRO and I maybe gone buy one and
put in in the neck position on my Jem7vwh.
But maybe I should get the PAF JOE instead?
Is there some sound examples of the new PAF JOE on the Internet?
Have some people here any advices about how to change the neck
humbucker on a Jem7vwh?

As you can see from these two sound guides from Dimarzio
the PAF JOE have a little more treble and a little less bass.

This is from Dimarzio:

Tech Talk: What does "tubular" mean? In this case, it means making low
notes "speak" more clearly while giving high notes a rounder voicing.
This accomplishes two goals: chords have better definition, and single
notes at higher fret positions remain warm-sounding rather than getting
thinner. The PAF Joe™ has slightly less power than the PAF Pro®.

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The PAF JOE has more of a Les Paul vibe a la the intro to Sweet Child O' Mine by G'N'R. If you want to hear it in action, check out the G3 Live in Denver DVD. You'll hear it when Joe plays The Extremist. He starts off with the Fred, but then switches over to the Joe when he starts doing the doublestop licks at the 12th and 14th frets. The Joe is less muddy and therefore there is more note definition and clarity. I've got a JS 1200 coming, so I can tell you more when it gets here. (couple of weeks). Cheers.
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Paf pro for me, i prefare joe's "old" sound rather than his new one if u get me, im sure theres only a slight difference but i prefare the sound i heard previous to the paf Joe im sure its more than the pickup that changes etc... But the pro for me, but ur choice, either one is great
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I really don't think the tone on the G3'03 dvd does Joe much justice...I do like the tone but it's nowhere near as good as it usually is, and Steve's tone is much better on that dvd in my opinion. I think it was probably partly due to the amplifier as it was still a prototype at that point. I was plesantly suprised when I saw Joe live last year at G3 because his tone was awesome and I'm pretty sure he was using Paf Joes at some points. I hate to say it, but try before you buy if possible and go with what you think sounds best.
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I have a Paf Pro in the bridge of my RG and it's beautiful.
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I have a pickup question as well, might as well post it here, didn't want to create a topic with basically the same question.

I'm thinking about upgrading the pickups in my Ibanez GRX720BK to some Dimarzio 7 string humbuckers...and suggestions? I'm looking for some lower-output pickups with a really smooth clean tone, but still good for shredding/solo-ish parts. What I have there does what I want it to just fine, but why not look for something better?

I’ve had several recommendations for the PAF-7 and the Air Norton 7 DP793. But I don't want to end up spending 150 bucks for the buying and installation of the pickups and discover that they suck...any advice?
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I played one of the satch model guitars at guitar center, and I was pretty impressed. It was a model with dimarzios in it, not the ibanez pickups, and I found the pickup sounds to be very cool.
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