Nut replacement with locking trems/locking nuts and tuners

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Hi there,
I was just wondering what happens when you need to replace the nut on a locking trem, like when you get clicks and decide to change it - do you need to replace the whole locking mechanism or just the main nut part where the strings pass from the headstock to the neck?

I ask as I was considering getting a guitar with a Floyd Rose or Edge Pro but don't fancy having to pay nearly £200 every time I hear 'click'! What do nut changes involve on guitars with locking nuts?

Also, are guitars with vintage trems and locking tuners up to the same tasks as a guitar with a Floyd Rose sort of trem and a locking nut? I've seen people do vibrato with vintage trems and locking tuners, plus a bit of scoop and doop with their bars, but I've noticed they tend to avoid doing massive dive bombs with them and though that maybe their guitars' tunings would go wonky if they dove out with their trems. Can anyone compare their abilities to stay in tune?

Many thanks for any responses.
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If you're hearing a "click" when you depress the whammy bar, first make sure that all of your screws are tight.
The "click" is usually in the neck-pocket. ...I think it's an Ibanez trait. :roll:
anyway, tighten the neck bolts, then tighten the bolts that hold the locking nut onto the neck.

try it & see if it still Clicks.
If you decide to change the locking nut, first look at all the parts.
if the nut and/or top pads have grooves worn in them from the strings, you MIGHT be able to file them out. Otherwise, get a new locking nut.

Chances are, that your neck was originally cut to fit that particular locking nut. you may find, as I recently have, that in order to install a new locking nut you must either:
A. cut or file the neck-slot to make room for the new locking nut
(I don't recommend doing it though) or
B. Grab a good set of plyers and grind the new nut on a grinding wheel until it sits at the right height on the neck.

I would go with plan "B" 'cause I figure it's cheaper to buy a new locking nut (if it gets messed up) than a new neck!

You'll also want to have some "nut shims" on hand just in case you grind too far. and make sure that you grind it level!

on to part two---
If you're into doing wild whammybar tricks, I'd suggest going with the Edge Pro. The floyd will get you by but the Ibanez bridges are WAY better IMHO.
guitars equipped with "vintage" style bridges ie. Stratocasters & the like, never have been and never will be anywhere near as versital as the Ibanez bridges.
It all depends on what feels good to YOU.
go to your local music store & play a bunch of different guitars.
see which one responds best to YOUR PLAYING STYLE & then either buy it or buy the same type of bridge & locking nut that is on it.

Good luck!
let us know how you do
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