How did you discover your favourite guitarists

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How did you stumble upon some of your favourite guitarists and who are they and how did they affect your guitar playing. How did I find out about Steve Vai?, I was digging through my Dad's old music collection when I came across David Lee Roth's 'Eat'em and Smile' album. Once I heard yankee rose and shyboy, I was hooked.
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i could be wrong ofcourse, but i saw this question somewhere else. 8)
try a forum-search guyver. :wink:

oh,btw, welcome aboard. :wink:

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I did a search and couldnt find anything so here goes.

My sister's boyfriend played guitar when I was in grade 9 and we made a mixed tape with the Attitude song, Cacophony, Frenzy, Surfing with the Alien and some Yngwie.

I had listened to DLR but more for the total musical package.

I do remember watching headbangers ball one saturday night and seeing Mr Big on there for the first time and nearly shitting myself when PG and Billy were doing the unison tapping.

So it was all back in 89 when I was really exposed to some kick ass guitar work.
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My good friend also on this board Hik gave me a listen to his discman on the school oval, of The 7th Songs...hooked! From there it went to Satch, then Dream Theater. The first band I really got into before that was Incubus.
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My mates older brother had a few Van Halen albums, I listened to one (Van Halen) and thought it was OK, then I heard 5150, and it blew me away. I was a Van Halen deciple from then on. Then when DLR came out with Steve, I remember hating Steve, having never heard him play, and thought he was just gonna be a try hard version of EVH. Hahaha But then I heard Shy boy, and a few others and thought "yeah, he's got something". Then his Passion and Warfare cd came out, I was GONE. Vai fan ever since. BUT I'm also into Paul Gilbert and Nuno and Tommy Emmanuel, heaps really. I don't think I have a ONE fav player, but it was definately my mates brother that first got me into guitar with VH.
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i got hooked to vai and van halen and all that when i was 5 :shock: yes 5 my dad and i used to go for drived and listen to a load of vai satch and van halen and i have liked it eversince :D
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When I was 15 or 16, my friend told me about Steve, that it's pretty different than the other stuff I've had heard. The same day I bought P&W and I knew that this is my thing.
Satch came almost the same time (what a surprise!), almost the same way.
Tony Macalpine came into my life when I heard the first time Planet X. I think it was 3 years ago or something.
Discovering Andy Timmons was a long way. I first heard his live solo clip when I was at my friend about 5 years ago, but I don't know why I didn't even try to get his production. Probably a year later I saw Ibanez's '7'th heaven' promotion video and I saw Andy there. That was the point when I decided to get his records, but because I live where I live, no records of Andy were available. And finally I got my first Timmons album about 5 months ago and I'm very happy. :D
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My guitar teacher showed me a clip of steve, covered head to toe in silver paint, blasting bad horsie out. Fell in love straight away.
I then discovered Yngwie while browsing through G3 dvds (because steve was on teh cover) and bought his Trilogy album.
Darren Moan is an unbelievable acoustic guitarist, he teaches me. his album, trinity of sound, is sooo cool, check him out! :P
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Cause Ace would light the thing up like a rocket!! 8)
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A friend handed me Passions And Warfare... the rest is history...
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well, i used to listen 70's and 80's rock i listened rainbow
at that time i was about 16 or 17 years old , blackmore was my hero
but one day i saw a video of van halen "live at the new haven"
the guitar solo left me almost shocked!!! can you do that on the guitar??
i wonder myself, so i told my friend about it and he said: did that impressed you??? check this, he lend me a surfing with the alien cassete tape as i started to listen i like very very much, but in the point where: always with me, always with you came, woooooowwww!!!!! i could not belive such a beauty could be done on guitar, it was the new years eve, i remember showing this song to my brothers!! i listened to it about 15 times , from there i decided to play the guitar. and then same friend introduced me to y. malmsteen and fortunately to MMMRRRR STEVE VAI
who has been my guitar hero since then!!!

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Virtuoso type people-wise :lol:

When I first heard "Hot For Teacher" on the radio. Around 97-ish..
(Yes, Triple M radio actually played it back then!!!!!)
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Guitar World: November 1993, (Satch cover) pgs. 66-67. This is where I discovered crucial albums that displayed impeccable 6-string artistry. Zappa, Vai, Holdsworth, JBeck, Satch, SRV, Halen....
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My dad borrowed G3 live and Crystal Planet from the libary when I was like....7? So Ive been pretty much hooked since the G3 version of FTLOG rocks :shock:
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when i said that malmsteen plays fucking fast my friend saids there´s a guy called chris impellitteri who plays faster than yngwie, now my favorite guitar players are J. Petrucci, Paul Gilbert, Steve Morse and Steve Vai of course, but i really like impellitteri because was the first guitar player that kicked my ass
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