How did you discover your favourite guitarists

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I used to listen Van halen music and I was curious to see the young guitar player found by David Lee Roth ... after E Van Halen not really easy !
The first time I listen Eat themans smile... It was so different and so good ! And I became a fan when I see Steve Vai on Stage with DLR "Skycraper tour" in 88 (4 times !) ans here I am !
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Friends send me stuff, I send them's great.
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For me, Vai was the first to really open my eyes to the possibilities of playing guitar. It was 1991 and I was on a bus from Phoenix to Pittsburgh. Half way through the 56 hour bus ride, a fella sat next to me and after a few hours of silence, he turned to me and said, "Check this out". He played "For The Love of God" through his cassette walkman and I was absolutely floored. What an incredible experience listening to that song. It's one of those that you wish you could hear again for the first time.
The truly amazing thing is, who was that man that opened my eyes to the guitar.......????.........EMILIO ESTEVEZ......THE MIGHTY DUCK MAN, I SWEAR TO GOD.............I WAS LIKE.......EMILIOOOOOO.

j/k. That whole thing was a lie. All except hearing it on a bus and it was my best friend who just bought the cassette at the gas station. We were on a school trip. lol.

Now for all of you clever fellas out there, what movie refers to a similar experience with The Mighty Duck Man?

Can you tell I'm bored today? :roll:
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Hi! Well, I love Steve Vai, of course! He´s the best guitarist for me! I like Satriani, Malmsteen and Zappa too! Well, there are lots of guitarist I really admire very much! I knew Steve first when I was digging through my aunt´s music collection and I came across David Lee Roth's 'Eat'em and Smile' (same as someone who wrote in this forum, I guess he was the first who wrote here)... I found that music cool! And at that time I was beggining my guitar classes... And then, a friend of mine gave me some Steve CDs and they were awesomeee!!!! And that´s how I found Steve Vai music really cool!!!!

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Eat em and smile did it for me!

I was about 19 yrs old at the time and was playing Thin Lizzy, Whitesnake, Iron Maiden covers. We had two guitar players, I wanted to be Steve Vai and the other one wanted to be Gary Moore. I must say, the other guitar player made a better job of sounding like Gary Moore than I did of sounding like Steve Vai!

I got into Satriani after listening to a flexy disc on the cover of a guitar mag.
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One of the first guitarists that got me into playing was Dave Matthews, I saw the Storytellers with him and Tim Reynolds and started watching the vid and learning the songs. I actually progressed very rapidlly with this stuff.

Then I found Page because my dad loves Zep and all the old rockers. So i started getting into that.

Then i downloaded a video of Steve playing Tender Surrender from the ALS dvd and I was astounded. That bootlegged video really got me to take guitar seriously. Then i bought the 7th song and that is were it began.

I found Petrucci probably from G3, and a kid i work with in the summer is obsessed with them. So i bought Awake and didn't really know what it was. I didn't really listen to it because i just couldn't grasp it then. But then after going on this forum a lot and hearing about DT i re-listened to the cd and fell in love with its complexity and musicianship, then bought the rest.
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Someone introduced me to DiMeola and I searched for some songs of his to download, got Race With Devil on Turkish highway and then saw that he was playing with Mr. Vai, so eventually I checked out his stuff and since then he's been my favorite guitarist.
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Well, I heard about Brian May the way most kids in my generation did: Wayne's World!

However, I heard about Frank Zappa during the summer after my freshman year of high school. I was really into Queen, The Beatles, R.E.M., Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Radiohead, The Smashing Pumpkins, etc. but I felt like there was something missing in my musical life.

So that summer I got the opportunity to take trumpet lessons from Charlie Guzzo who was a legend at my high school because he was the greatest screamer to ever come out of the band. When I went to his house the first day he had a poster of this crazy-looking guy on his wall and it said "Zappa's Universe" and I was immediately drawn into the picture. I thought it was the coolest thing I had ever seen. He looked like a musical mad scientist to me and I asked about it and Charlie got a big smile and started telling me all about Frank Zappa. Then he played me parts of "Thing-Fish" and "Don't Eat the Yellow Snow," and I went home SO excited.

When my birthday came around that year, I used my birthday money to get "Zappa's Universe" and when I discovered "Brown Shoes Don't Make It" I became so obsessed with that song that I played it over and over again all night. I must have played that entire CD at least 2,000 times. My friends and I would listen to it and we'd all sing "Jazz Discharge Party Hats" together while we tried to get my sister's friends to make out with us in the basement. It was so awesome.

So that's my story!

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guyver_dio wrote:How did you stumble upon some of your favourite guitarists and who are they and how did they affect your guitar playing. How did I find out about Steve Vai?, I was digging through my Dad's old music collection when I came across David Lee Roth's 'Eat'em and Smile' album. Once I heard yankee rose and shyboy, I was hooked.

Well, Randy Rhoads was my initial dip into shred amny moons ago, and remains my all time favorite.

I remember all of my friends listening to Metallica, and wanting to form my obsession over something different.... That's where I found Ozzy (this was before he was TVs favorite super dad)

From there, i started listening to a share of crappy nu-metal, not realizing the good stuff that is out there. That lasted about a week, until someone called me an idiot, and as huge Randy fan, started telling me about the shred scene.

He mentioned a lot of the G3 jams to me. From there, I checked out Vai, Satch, Petrucci, Michael Romeo etc etc etc and was awed.

Over the years I've exposed myself to a lot of the independent shredders as well as many of the big boys on the block Rusty, Francesco, Bellas, Macalpine, Stump, Angelo, Howe, etc etc etc.

God, I love it. Shred music has played a huge role in my life. I am addicted to it!!!
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I started listening to my uncles old music collection at the same time my cousin was growing out of the Rock phase in his life. Some albums and guitarist that stand out are Sgt Peppers, The Doors, Are you experienced, Blizzard of Ozz, Early Kiss (all vinyls were handed down to me).

The most influential guitar wise was Jimi and Randy until I saw the DLR Crazy from the Heat video on Mtv and saw Stevie and Billy play. Next came PAW ( I have been hooked since).

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In the fall of 1979 I was seven years old, and heard Van Halen's first album for the first time. My Uncle was staying over my house when he got out of the Navy for about week, and he was playing the album the first night he stayed at my house. After hearing it I wanted to start playing guitar, and started asking my parents for a guitar. When my Uncle found a place to live I noticed that he left the Van Halen album behind for me.

EVH inspired me to start a hobby I really enjoy, and he's been my favorite guitarist ever since. Still to this day Valen Halen's first album inspires me to play when I listen to it. I'm truly glad my Uncle introduced me to Van Halen's music.
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Steve Vai - heard from someone about him, bought Passion & Warfare and voilá :D

Nuno Bettencourt - through a feature in Guitar Techniques magazine. I decided to buy Pornograffitti and I had all Extreme cd's within 2 months.

Adrian Vandenberg - I used to own a Vandenberg tape as a kid.
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EVH- went to a VH concert over the summer. It was mind-numbingly AWESOME. EVH hasbeen my guitar hero ever since.

Jason Becker- Some posts over at the GW boards.

Dave Murray- Summer of 6th grade I started listening to maiden with my dad. Dave got me into guitar.

Kirk Hammet- been a metallica fan all my life.

Allan Holdsworth- Friend introduced me to him by sending me some clips. Been indulging in the fusion world ever since, and I love it!
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My father have music of Eric Clapton, Led Zeppelin, and Jimi Hendrix...Later i discovered with my friends Joe Satriani and later (a Steve Vai CD in a library??)Steve in the 2003 G3...
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I was over at my friend's house to jam and he said "I've got something for you to listen too. He put on "Friday Night in SanFransisco" My freakin jaw dropped and I've never been the same. I bought as many DiMeola albums as I could :headbang
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