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I don't have time for a lengthy review, but...

Great production, great songs, great playing by everybody... the first time around, the only thing that irked me was the clapping at the end of Lotus Feet. It just felt weird but I see that this is the only way it could happen so I'm okay with it. I absolutely loved Building The Church, K'm-Pee-Du-Wee, Firewall, Lotus Feet and Under it All on first listens. Will give it another one tomorrow to see if I missed anything :D
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Right now I'm listening to Freak Show on loop. I had to take a break from listening to Under It All which is, for me, one of the best things Steve has done.

But, right this moment I'm concentrating on Freak Show. Oh my god, I hope Steve plays this one during the tour. It's a feat of musicianship! I don't know how any musician could make it through that track on one piece, but if anyone can do it, it's Stevie and the boys...

now, back to the fun...
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I was extremely surprised when RI:R showed up in my mailbox at work today. Then, I was equally thrilled that I happened to have my headphones with me. I threw the disc into my computer, plugged in my 'phones, and absolutely blasted it. There isn't a bad track on the album (no surprise there!), and I thought the A Capella vocal/rhythmic opening of Firewall was brilliant (Steve, check out Robbie Nevil's all vocal jazz/pop piece, "Paradise," off of the album Day One).

I don't have time to go into detail on these tunes at the moment, but just wanted to say that the album is fantastic, and I plan to listen to it over and over and over and over and...Oh, and I'll probably have to turn it up to 11, too. Why? Because it's one higher, of course.

Thanks again for all the great music!


Motown J
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This album is really amazing....Steve makes me strive to be more than a guitar player but a composer as well. His playing gets me out of bed in the morning to practice. I can't wait to hear this stuff live!!! 'Glorious' grooves like a mother trucker and 'Lotus Feet' is such a beautiful song. The whole cd is amazing and worth the wait! I am glad that 'The Good Dr.' is as much of a perfectionist as his is because we all reap the benefits of this characterisitic. Bravo!
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What can I say... Steve continues to impress. Just ran through it once... got it this evening. "Building a Church" is a great opening track... tracks are diverse in musical style and tonal qualities. His guitar playing continues to evolve and surprise...

Have to really sit and listen to the album to do it justice... and unfortunately I have yet to do that. This is an album you can probably listen to quite a few times and continuously hear new things with each new listening.

I am very pleased with this album. IMHO -- it's right there with "Passion and Warfare," "Alien Love Secrets," and "Fire Garden." I will most likely find myself listening to this work again and again.
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This is his best album yet without a doubt. Not only musically but especially in the recording category. It's amazing how good it sounds and how many things are happening at once, but are right there in the mix.

This will inspire me for years to come, thanks Steve :!:


p.s. one thing that also stands out for me is that Billy isn't sounding like Billy on this album, but is more part of the overal composition.
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This album is a goldmine: it's to the listeners to search for hiden treasures.
I think i have already found somes, lyrics, liner notes and Steve's comments on the Real Illusions mini-site are quite helpful.

-"The name of the curch is "Under It All" "

-Dying for your love is a masterpiece. I would like to know if it was influenced by The Dark Nights Of Soul...

On Freak show excess i like the mentioning of the Whirling Dervish, the sound of the dijeriddo which lead to Sufism...

I can't comment every tracks because my english is so poor but i just want to say that for me Under It All is a (the ?) key to the album.
On that song, Steve ' s counsciousness is very close to Frank Zappa's.
If the album is a goldmine and this song a (the ?) key to the goldmine, this song is also a goldmine in itself.
I'm very moved by the lyrics and the "prayers" and feel like someone is understanding me somewhere on earth...

Thank you for the music, Steve, and thank you for the work of art.

Special question to Mikey : who are you in the cast of characters ? And who is who ?
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Yai Yai adds depth to the album.
It's just cool and funny.
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My first post here..Hi all. Been listening to Vai since the beginning, and just got the new Cd.

And I must say, this is by far my favorite cd yet. K'm-Pee-Du-Wee is my personal fav, pure emotion. Yai-Yai...gotta love that Digitech ya-ya effect ;) Building the church also a fav, I love those anthematic type of songs. Vocals were far better on this cd. There aren't any songs I didn't like.

I think overall, this is Steve's most mature composing and playing to date. Never ceases to amaze or inspire.

Only one a concert in Toronto Canada soon damn you!!! Been dying to see ya play live ;)
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I just listened to Freak Show Excess again and it's amazing... lots of subtleties I didn't pick up the first time through (hey, it was late!). I love the Dream Theater meets Zappa vibe I get from it.
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I saw the album in a recordstore today,
and the very instant I saw it I picked it up and bought it.
Finally the new masterpiece from Vai is in my hands.
This won't be a lengthy review, but I have to express my feelings towards this album.
Vai's music just keeps on amazing me, and this album just goes to another level.
There is so much more to his music then is thought at first,
a lot of deeper emotions are hidden beneath the thick layer of beautyfull music.
Besides the cool riffs and awesome guitar licks it is so much more then just guitar music, this is what makes his music so unique to me.
This is just an awesome work of art, and I think it will reach deep in our souls the more we listen to it....

was that too much? hope not :)
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lydian7 - are you a fan or an album critic? I think your comments are too far into what you don't like. You need to understand that these are not just 11 songs slapped on an album, but a part of a much bigger composition.

This album should make any Vai fan ecstatic. Just open your mind and "listen". I hear influences from every Vai album in these songs with added new life and inspiration that only Steve could create.

This album is beautiful. It is a masterpiece within the masterpiece. I can't wait for the next two masterpieces.

See you in Phoenix.
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Just listening to it now. I've ordered it, paid and all, but someone sent me it as well over the internet, it seems to have got out already. Fantastic album, just on track two now! I loved building the church! :D
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Hey my name is Joe Tilander and today is my birthday (FEB 19). I was one of the lucky ones to recieve the new cd early (and on my birthday). I have been sick all day, but i still listened to the cd all the way through. I drove around in my car until it played all the way through. The Cd is exceptional. All of the songs have something unique about them. I cant wait for the concert so I can see Steve Play the songs live. My mom provided the money for me to buy the EVO Premium Experience tickets for the show in ST. Paul MN. Today turned out to be a very good day for me.

I am listening to the album again right now and i am still trying to take all of the exceptional work that he has done on this album. I am shure that everytime that i listen to it i will get something new and exciting out of it just like all of the past albums. It is all so motivational for me i just cant get enough. I am glad the he sings in this album. I think that his voice really adds something to the music. However the insturmental stuff unbelievable. I Cant wait for more.

The song Yai Yai is a cool song. My best friend says it sounds like it is saying his name (Eli Eli Eli), when he would use the effect. So when we first heard the song we were shocked.

Freek Show Excess Rules. I love the beginning part alot. It is really quite amazing.

Lotus Feet is a beautiful song. I have listened to this song the most now. it has so much feeling behind it that it just sucks me right in and before i realize it, it is over.

I'm your secrets: Great vocal work along with everything else as usual.

Building the Church: Great opening song. The Guitar sounds killer. The way he uses the guitar and throws around expressions is something i Strive to be able to do everyday.

well i am going to listen to the album some more and i will be posting my thoughts again after a few days to see how my preception of the album has change as it always seems to do the more i listen to his albums. They get better and better all the time. WOW! Steve, GREAT WORK.

Be Back Soon.
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EirikHH wrote:I've listened through the whole album a few times now, and unfortunately I must say I'm a little dissapointed. Maybe it has to sink in a little more, i donno. ..
I guess I was hoping for more 'steve being creative making heavy and memorable melodies' (not that he's NOT being creative enough though). I had really high expectations to the rest of the album, after hearing the fantastic opening track, Building the Church, but none could really live up to that except maybe lotus feet and midway creatures. Freakshow excess is also cool, but not that memorable. Km-pee-du-wee was okey in a laid back sense...reminded me of die to live.

Maybe I'm being picky, or maybe I had too high expectations to Reflections (been waiting like...a year), but when I hear a Steve Vai album, I expect to hear something that really moves me, and so far only 3-4 tracks on Reflections really do it...

Fire Garden is my ultimate favorite..that album had it all. The ultrazone had a few elements I didnt care much for, but the song Frank just made up for everything...
I might get flamed here, as I see alot of you really like this record, but hey... one have to be honest right? :D Anyway I'm hoping to catch Vai on this upcoming tour, as I'm sure the show will be a blast no matter what!
This post says what I want to say entirely.
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