Sex & Religion Tour - unknown song title?

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Father Oblivion
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Hello Forum Folk!!!

I am trying to find out the name of a song Steve and band played pretty much at every show on this tour. It was between 'Survive' and 'Still My Bleeding Heart'. It is not 'Thunderkiss '65', 'Ashes to Ashes' or 'All Hail the New Flesh' as some have suggested. I have heard it called 'Miss a lake' but that makes no sense. Is it a cover song, a Steve or Dev song? It starts with some mellow Dev vocalisation and then becomes a heavy groove-based song with heavy lyrics and a long Steve solo. Great song!!! Any help would be appreciated.

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Hey, there was a bootleg from concert of this era. ... se/2847899" onclick=";return false;

and if you check track list between "Survive" and "Still my Bleeding Heart" there're two tracks – "Ashses to Ashes" which is mellow track of Steve soloing and Devin's singing (mostly at end), and second one is "Miss a Lake" which fits to your description of heavy guitars and singin'.

And (un)fortunately whole bootleg is on Youtube.
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I believe it was called Miserable, though I cant remember where I first heard that title from. It contained a bit of the pre chorus from SYL`s "All Hail The New Flesh", the "Im So Sorry" bit.
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