A New Jem????

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oops, jem77v i meant
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tom1325 wrote:for the price we could have just bought the jem 77 and blocked the trem, i think they should have experimented with different colours other than black.

+ 10000000000
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This guitar is sweet IMO, I believe it does in way's help to define who Steve Vai is, a World Renowned Guitarist and Musician who's talent's reach far across our Worldly globe. I see this machine of creation as a dedication to all of us who have come together consciously to join in and celebrate with Steve Vai and his dreams of music as a gift. Who truly knows how far Mr. Vai's music has traveled outside the Globe? for this creation can travel far into the Universe with Mr. Vai's Ultimate, Extraordinary talent's and tone's. I myself am very grateful and can't wait to sample this new sound. I welcome it into my world. Mr Vai is a true class act and I love and appreciate the style of this new guitar. 8)
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