All About Steve / Discography
NOTES: "Public Image Limited"

This was Johnny Lydon's band. Bill Laswell, the producer, called and I flew in & out of New York from Alcatrazz shows to cut the parts. I did basically all the guitar parts in 2 days. Bill Laswell took a very interesting approach to the production of this disc. Some of the material I'd never heard and just went in and started playing on it. At the end, Johnny Lydon came in and liked it.

Hanging out with him is a unique pleasure. There was the consideration of putting a band together --- him, myself, Bill Laswell on bass and Ginger Baker on drums. Would have been quite a band. One of my favorite memories of this time is of walking through downtown Soho Village in New York with Johnny Lydon. He's a complete celebrity and his fans are fiercely devoted. We were sitting in a restaurant and some guy came up to him with some lyrics he wrote. The first line read "I fucked Christ". Hmmm, very New York?

Another interesting thing I noticed about Lydon is this wonderful habit he has --- no matter where he is, no matter who he's with, whether he's in an expensive restaurant, an elevator or any place... he'll just blow snot right out of his nose. It was quite interesting to watch the reactions of the passers-by or gourmet diners. His attitude and drive in the face of adversity is intense. It's a brilliant record. home